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Licensing and/or (free) Use and Permissions of Daniel's Art

Dolphin Summersault by Daniel B. Holeman from Mural.

Licensing Art:

Daniel licenses existing art images for book covers and CD covers and various other purposes. This is normally in the price range of $500 - $1,000, depending on variables. Please call or email to discuss your needs. He also makes custom images for such projects as well as for websites. If you wish to use an existing image it is usually best to have Daniel modify it so that it is unique and special to you - thus not confused with the existing art images that are all over the internet. 

If you wish to use an image as a LOGO please contact me to discuss terms and if available.

(Free) Permission to use an art image on your web site:

If you wish to use any of my images on your website, it is okay if you give this credit & link under it (or on the page):

"Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman "

( link Daniel B. Holeman to )

Any image must be used as-is (it is okay to be smaller but not larger) and it is not okay to alter images or use as backgrounds without specific permission. If you wish to use images and alter them for your website please contact me to discuss. Thanks.

Images must be shown as presented on my site and not altered (it is okay to be smaller but not larger); minor cropping is okay but always leave my name in the image.

If you wish to use an image for a tattoo on your body, there is no fee for that. I consider it an honor to have my artwork on your body forever! I just ask that you send me a photo when done.

If you are unclear on this please E-mail me for clarity. I also love to see what you do once you are done. Please E-mail me the URL (web page address of where you used the image(s).

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Thanks very much, and thanks also for wanting to share the artwork with others. That is the main reason the images were made. 



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